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Post by : MARYANN RUGGIERO GABRIEL on 12 May 2005 00:19:07[ ]
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My mother was born in Panni as was her parents and theirs before them. My grandfather was Alfonso Cotoia and my grandmother was Anna Bianco. I had the thrill of sleeping in the house my mother was born in the first time I visited Panni. Their house still stands at no. 2 Via Luigi Stabili and I met the present owner over the internet. Panni is a wonderful place and I hope to bring my children there one day soon.

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Post by : Franco on 22 March 2005 17:56:35[ ]
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Fine your jukebox, Don !
Good Easter to you, to your relatives and the friends of the YPSC.

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Post by : david on 23 February 2005 13:22:42[ ]

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Just another Panni decendent from Swansea, mass......My grandfather and great uncle were all from Panni and settle in PRovidence in the earl 1900´s....would LOVE to find out more about them with respect to Young Pannese CLub. Would be interested in joining this organization also....let me know how..

david rainone

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Post by : Kristin Tavano on 05 January 2005 17:50:08[ ]

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I am travelling to Panni in March of ´05. I would like information on how to look up birth/death records in Panni. My Grandfather was born in Panni on May 25, 1893 and moved to USA in 1910 or so and we have no info on his family. I believe I may still have relatives there.

Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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Post by : Joe Calderone on 28 December 2004 00:34:50[ ]

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My grandfather, Costanzo Croce, born in 1891, came to America in 1907, first to Milford, Massachusetts. I would be interested if there was any relationship between him and Pietro & Giuseppe Croce from the early days of the Young Pannese Social Club.

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Post by : Julianne Hamm on 27 December 2004 10:56:45[ ]

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I found information recently about my grandfather, Casimir Rocco Marucci and his young wife, Nunziette Julia Onorato, that they were from Alberona, Province of Foggia and came to the United States as teenagers. I would to know more about them and the country where they were born.

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Post by : Franco on 23 December 2004 17:28:49[ ]
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Caro Donald, ti giungano i miei piu´ affettuosi auguri per un felice Natale e un sereno anno nuovo anche per i tuoi familiari.
Ti prego di estenderli a tutti gli amici dello YPSC.
Franco De Michele

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Post by : Meredith DeCotiis Szypula on 04 October 2004 03:17:34[ ]

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My husband and I are going to Panni next year (2005).

I am trying to learn if we, the De Cotiis family, still have relatives in Panni. My great grandfather, Gaetano, arrived in New York City in 1894 - he was the youngest of 13 kids.

I see the name De Cotiis listed in the Panni phone book. Can I assume they are relatives? Can I write to them in English?

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Post by : Franco on 12 May 2004 15:27:27[ ]
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Today, the daily newspapers of Foggia (Italy) bring with great evidence the news that the famous American director Brian DE PALMA ,author of famous films, he has contacted the Mayor of Alberona (FG), asking for an investigation in the documentations of the town registry to verify and to document his Italian origin. The Mayor of Alberona Arturo PETTI, verified the Alberona´s origin of the fatherly grandparent of the director, the in demand documentation it will send him, considered that Brian De Palm has in mind to also ask for the Italian citizen.
I wonder me if it needs to be for strength famous directors or cannot also be furnished by our towns this service to the children of our farmers and other emigrants to Montreal or to Providence when they ask for it.
Franco De Michele

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Post by : Dave Christiansen Jr. on 10 May 2004 01:22:03[ ]

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Hello everyone! Web page looks great, keep up the good work!

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