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Our 2014 -2015 Officers
President - Peter A. Goneconte
Vice President - Jason Patrone

Frank Boffi ,Treasurer,
David Fuller Jr - Recording Secretary,
Al Scappaticci -Trustee,
Billy Santilli
Head Trustee,
Henry Russ -Trustee
Paul Sepe -Trustee,
Joe, Sczerbinski - Corresponding Secretary


In the late 1800's and early 1900's many immigrants from the little village of Panni, Italy settled in Providence, Rhode Island. They where drawn to this country by the stories of the land of opportunity, where a person could work hard and prosper. One of their first is said to have been Giuseppe Anzenvino in 1885. Giuseppe settled in the Federal Hill area of Providence. He worked at odd jobs and later opened a bicycle shop on Spruce Street. Soon others from Panni followed in his footsteps. By 1900 natives of Panni had already formed a small colony on Federal Hill but they did not forget there mother land.

In 1909 they formed the "Pannese Society" (Societa Mutuo Soccorso Maria SS Incoronata del Bosco Di Panni) a solidarity of mutual aid, brotherhood and shared heritage. Some of the first members where Giovanni Anzevino , Donato Calebrese, Alfonso Calitri, Donato Colaninno, Pietro Croce, Domenico Mansolillo, Antonio Pascone, Antonio Procaccini, Costanzo Saurino, and Micheal Sullo.

As in the little village of Panni, Italy the patron of their faith remained "Madonna Maria S.S. Incoronata del Bosco" (St. Mary of the Woods). Some years later, Guiseppe Anzevino went on a pilgrimage back to Italy in hope of bringing back some visible relic of their past. He returned with a statue of their patron saint. In Panni the stunning statue of the Blessed Mother surrounded by children had stood in the "Church of the Assumption". The statue was placed in the Holy Ghost Church on Atwells Avenue in Providence where it still remains today a symbol of their faith.



In 1912 six members of the society; Pietro Croce, Guiseppe Croce, Franco Russo, Antonio Procaccini, Francesco Gallucci and Francisco Montecalvo formed the " Young Pannese Social Club". Many of the new clubs first events where held at "Venice Hall" on Penn Street in Providence. The club later had club headquarters at 248 Pocasset Ave in the Silver Lake section of Providence.

Today through the many hours of hard work donated by our members we now are proud to have our own building and a new club headquarters and meeting place at 187 Pocasset Avenue in the Silver lake section of Providence.

The Young Pannese Social Club has become an integral part of the Silver Lake neighborhood, taking part in it's church feasts, supporting youth athletic teams, and holding a variety of functions and activities throughout the year.

Our Women's Auxiliary is just as busy raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Meeting Street School, the Jimmy Fund and many other community organizations. They also conduct a Thanksgiving clothing and fruit basket drive for needy community families.

Today , the Young Pannese Social Club is still growing , boasting nearly 100 members spanning three generations and a 100-year-old tradition of socializing and helping others still remains.

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