Young Pannese Social Club


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    Societa Mutuo Soccorso
    Maria S.S. Incoronata Del Bosco Di Panni
    Banchetto Sociale
    25 Giugno 1925

    If you can identify someone in this 1925 photo please contact or write to Don De Luca


    Contributors s have identified the following people in our photo

    Thank You All

    Antonio Pascone
    Antonio Pascone -Identified by grandaughter Judy Salvadore .
    Salvatore Mosca Salvatore Mosca Identified by grandson Mike Mosca.
    Costanzo DeLuca
    Costanzo DeLuca Identified by grandson Donald DeLuca .
    Tony Procaccini Tony Procaccini Identified by Mike Mosca.
    Salvatore DeLuca Salvatore DeLuca Identified by nephew Donald DeLuca. Vito Cotoia Vito Cotoia Identified by grandson Domenic Cotoia.


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